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Interview in Creative Pinellas

From Creative Pinellas:

Maestro Mark Sforzini dispels notions of opera being too stuffy or boring. The affable conductor, composer and director of the St. Petersburg Opera hosts amusingly informative events that de-snobify the genre.

His Evenings and Mornings

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Rachmaninoff’s Piano Conerto No. 2

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Under Maestro’s baton the orchestra is absolutely stunning

Broadway World‘s Peter Nason reviews: I am in the camp that believes that SOUTH PACIFIC is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s greatest work. Even though it won the Pulitzer Prize and is the only musical to garner the Tony Award for … Read the rest

‘South Pacific’ closes out opera season with pleasing results

St. Pete Times‘s Andrew Meacham writes: The St. Petersburg Opera Company again closes its season with a musical, this time running two weeks. The extra week for South Pacific anticipates healthy crowds at the Palladium, but also does justice … Read the rest

‘Abduction from the Seraglio’ by St. Petersburg Opera shows off genius

St. Pete Times reviews: A fount of incomparable music — unpredictable, irreverent and playful, including a couple of quartets by the romantic leads that balance like opposite sides of an algebraic equation. This story … also illustrates the composer’s … Read the rest

The maestro, the money and the unfinished ‘Great Gatsby’ opera

St. Pete Times‘ Andrew Meachum writes: Daisy Buchanan — you’ve heard of her — is an irrepressible teen. She is drawn to Jay Gatsby — you’ve heard of him — an enigmatic, though problematic, wealthy older man.


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Feb 18 Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations: Music by Russell Andrade and Mark Sforzini
Thursday, February 18, 2016, 7:30pm
Preis Hall at Opera Central
2145 First Avenue South, St. Peterburg
Mun-Tzung Wong and Mark Sforzini, piano
John Upton, oboe
Fred Gratta, cello
Jeffrey Smich, violin… Read the rest