Maestro's Calendar

TBS Fall Series: Passion and Power
11/5/23, 11/7/23, 11/12/23
Frerer ‘On-Again, Off-Again’, Rachmaninoff ‘Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini’, Beethoven Symphony #5

SPO Children’s Opera ‘Pinocchio’
11/10/23, 11/11/23, 11/18/23, 11/19/23

Plant HS will be playing Call Again Overture at their winter concert
on 12/6, at their MPA on 2/22/24 and at Carnegie Hall on 3/29/24.

SPO Holiday Sparkle
12/16/23, 12/17/23

The Sarasota Orchestra  will perform Mark’s piece
‘A Journey in Orchestration’
January  10-14, 2024 (5 performances)

TBS Winter Series: Music of the Heart
2/11/24, 2/13/24, 2/18/24
Walker ‘Incandescence’, Brahms Symphony #4,
Young Artist Competition Winner

SPO Broadway Cabaret

SPO Puccini ‘Turandot’
3/15/24, 3/17/24, 3/19/24

TBS Call for Scores Competition

TBS Spring Series: A British Fantasia as Conductor and Soloist
5/5/24,5/7/24, 5/12/24
Elgar ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, Jacob ‘Concerto for
Bassoon, Strings and Percussion’, Handel ‘Royal Fireworks Music’, Elgar
‘Enigma Variations’

SPO Donizetti ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’
6/7/24, 6/9/24, 6/11/24

Opera Orlando Verdi ‘Macbeth’ as Guest Conductor
October  2024